About me

The Travelens

“Traveling is my greatest love,
it is what makes me feel alive,
what defines me,
my obsession,
my infinite and constant process of learning.

I have always suffered from the enormous power of images.
It is direct, it stimulates the other senses.
I love the wrinkles on the face of the elderly, the way in which they change the faces of my subjects, universal vernacular that surpasses any dialect.
I love to follow the sunrises and sunsets, to watch different places change color throughout the day.

Every trip, every shot, increases the hues on my palette.

It makes me feel foreign and yet at home”.

I was born in Palermo in 1988 where I live, and work as a cardiologist.

Travel and photography are my greatest passions.

As a child I would help my father in the darkroom to develop his photos when digital cameras didn’t exist, and the long wait would culminate in strong emotions as I watched the images appear on the photographic paper.

Thanks to my parents I started traveling when I was very young, developing over the years a strong curiosity for the world, including the people and creatures inhabiting it, which has now compelled me to visit dozens of countries across 6 continents.

Attracted by unspoiled nature and unknown cultures, I am constantly looking for new destinations to explore and, with the help of my camera, share with the world.